Wednesday, 7 October 2015

The Dunraven Papers - Visit 1

For now I am just dumping my notes from Visit 1 to the University of Limerick Library which houses the Earl of Dunraven's papers, many of which are of direct genealogical relevance to the Spearin family and the families into which its members married.

Highlights from this first visit were as follows:

  • the incredibly helpful staff at the library (Jean Turner, Ken Bergin)
  • the musty smell of old paper as I opened the first document
  • finding a Spearin in the first document!
  • the above record was from 31st July 1697 and a Matthew Sperin witnessed the document. A Thomas Hart(well) was the next witness.
  • Records from 1772-1780 in Rower indicate that there was a George Spearin living there. This is probably the father of George (Adare) Spearin who is the patriarch of many of the Canadian families (John, Tobias, Luke, James, George and Catherine ... all ON1 families). Thus we have pushed back an extra generation in this particular family.
Digital photography is not allowed, although digital copies can be requested via the Library from Lady Dunraven, who is the guardian of these papers (the last Earl sadly passed away in 2005 or so). I therefore dictated relevant information into my iPhone and made an initial transcription of it which you see below. This will eventually be worked up into a more "user-friendly" and visually appealing post in due course.

Here is the initial transcription of my dictated observations:

There is a detailed Finding Aid / Calendar (DC) with more info than the online version.

Italics are my own comments.
Italics within verbatim text indicate there is uncertainty in my transcription.

1st May 1696 mortgage from John Hurly to Lady Elizabeth Southwell of Ballyliddane and Lispane

Southwell’s of Castle Matrix had connections to John Wall

Title deeds of Baybush 1699-1796

D/3196/K/8/1-13 (p245 DC)

Estate rentals, etc 1697-1891

D/3196/K/9/1-26 (p249 DC)

Estate rentals, etc 1855-1937

envelope of papers concerning the impropriate rectorial tithes of the vicarage of Adare [purchased by Valentine Quin from the Earl of Burlington in 1713 - see K/5/1]

Certificate of Return of Land Tythes due
Vicarage of Adare
Diocese of Limerick
by Edwd Ingram, Vicar

The smell of the old paper wafted up to my nose. When was the last time this had been opened? When was the last time that human eyes had read this script? It was quite easy to read - light brown ink on beige-coloured paper, frayed at the edges and almost torn along the creases where it had been folded 3 times to produce 8 rectangles. The content was of no particular interest, but then I got down to the end of the document. Here’s what it said:
 … as witness my hand this 31st day of July 1697. Edward Ingram Vicar of Adare
According to ye best of our knowledge ye Terxier(?) Contained in ye two withinthes(?) 
is a true account of ye Glebes Tythes & dues belonging to the Vicarage of adare as
witness our hands this 1st day of augt 1697   Henry Winthorn  Francis Wide
Henery Tesbury   Math: Sperin   thos Hart:  Ric Lecy  Parish Clerk  a coppy  Robt Gala

no date
A list of the quinty Lands in the parish of Adare

The Burgess plow land of Adare in several small denominations  3  3  6  
Moity of Rower the accos* formerly lett to Spirin  1  0  3
Castle plowland     4  0  4

* maybe accounts

10 May 1714
Lease from Ingram of ye Tythes (similar to the previous one) containing a list of townlands and some numbers (either acreage or £ s d)

The Burgess plow land of Adare in several denominations  3  3  6  
Moity of Rower and Plananora except 44 acrs lett to Mr Mathew Sperin  0  5  9
Castle plowland     4  0  4
14 other entries below this
Followed by dictated transcription Adare 1

no Spearin’s

George Spearen
see Adare 2 recording

latest date of lease commencement was 25 Mar 1827

Adare 1 recording

I Edward Ingram, Rector of Croom in the county of Limerick do hearby devise, lett, and xxxx unto Val: Quin of Adare in the county of Limerick due to me out of the above denomination of lands in the parish of Adare during my incumbency upon the parish under ye yearly rent of 6 pound fourteene shillings and two pence £10  together with 6 shillings and 9 pence ...

In witness whereof I have hereunto put my hand and oath? this 10th day of May 1714 being present when it was allowed xxx the xxx for which ...

Adare 2 & 3 recordings

List of tithes 
30 people on first page, each paying tithes that varied from 4 pounds and 1.10 down to 5s, 3s
On second page, there is George Spearen  0. 4. 0 (presumably pounds, shillings, and pence)
Total tithes for this area were 63L 19s 2p
John Quinn
John Lacklam?
Will Shanassy
Pat Mulqueen
John Saxsmith
George Spearen
Thomas FitzGerald 
John Roberts
Pat Daly?
Xxx Xxx
Denis Lyons

Adare 4
List of tithes
25-35 on list
Also has column on left with list of townlands associated with each name
The heading is A List of the Tithes for the year 1774
Halfway down the list is 
Dan Lyons
Edmund Sheehy
Conor Gorman 
John Saxsmith & Spearin  2s 9d (on crease in paper)
John King
John Roberts
John Fitzgerald

A List of the Tithes for 1776
George Fosberry 3L
Cecil Westrop 4L
Vere Hunt
Mr Jackson
John King
Francis Boland 
William Ormond
Laurence xxx
Patrick Barlam
John Hogan
Richard Westby
Michael Daniel
Thomas Harigan
James McNamara & partners
Thomas FitzGerald
Steven Reddick
Edward Beauman
Thomas Harigan?
Francis Hanrahan
Matthew Harigan
Thomas FitzGibbons
James Harigan and partners
John Hickey and partners
John Davy?
Dan Lyons
Edmund Sheehy
Conor Gorman 
James king
Darby flood
Owen Willam
John hickey
Tim Maloney
James Hyer
John Harigan
James benson
Patrick Fraley
Timothy Brown
Patrick Benk and partners
James Shanassy
(Next page)
John Costelly and partners
Dan Power
Darby FitzPatrick
Patrick Power
Darby Healy
Morgan Sheehy
James Costello & Lynch
john Kelly and power
Thomas Donoghue
James Donoghue
John Ormond
Watford and Smith
Watson and Cunningham 
James Comain
George Spearin 4s 4d
John Saxsmith 
David welch
Con Hannon and partner
Stan Moloney and partner
John brian and partner
William Bleary
John Blackwell
Edward Kucher
James Cantillon and tenants 
Richard Duignan (with a note on there side saying will not pay)

Adare 5
With town lands
The is,and
Graigue - Dan Lyons, Edmund Sheehy, Conor Gorman, Saxsmith and Spearin
Knock ane

Adare 6
A List of the Tithes
John toomey
Geo Spearin 6s 0d
James Fitzgerald 

1779 (on reverse side)
Spearin 5s 5d
Total 48L 6s 10d

Adare 7
List of Tithes paid for 1780
Note at end says 
"The following did not pay their tithes"
George Spearen 10s
Total for tithes was 55L 2s 9d

Adare 8
81-12 is so faded it is impossible to make out a Spearin

Adare 9
Therefore Rentals of the Duke of Richmonds estate in and around adare consisting of 6782 acres at a rental of 1450 pounds and annual valuation of 3408 pounds a calculation of 1721 (from Finding Aid)

Townland - acreage (A,R,P) - tenant - term in years or number of lives - present rental LSD . Valuation LSD? . Current valuation LSD?
Totals 1450,2786,3407
116 1 20 . wid Spierin . 2 lives on term . 15,0,0 . 30,10,0 . 34,3,3,6

KILGOBBIN, baldly girl, dunmaraass, lismurinty, adare, castlelyons

Note at the bottom says: the above purchases being made by val Quin and to the sum of 155,18,0,1/4 The purchase money of the above land amounted to 14995,10,0 LSD 

23 Dec 1721
Letter from agent of the duke of Richmond (it looks like) who has set out the computation of his estate, the whole valuation being £43,965. No mention of any tenants within the document.

Adare 10
C1825 but actually up to 1827
Survey of 2nd earls estate minus Adare (from Calendar) incomplete
Election check book
Names, rents, tenures
Other surveys available at ... B3,c26 ...
Substantial leaf of papers
20-25 a3 sheets
6 columns
Barony number electors, resident, ... CHECK
Candidates, for whom tendered, objection, how ruled, observations

Townlands and tenants underneath
John gleeson on p2
Kilmaureeg alias Scagh
Christopher sparling
Henry fasberry esq
Christopher sparling
Catherine his wife

Lessees, acreage, commencement of lease, duration of lease, lives in lease
George ruckle now held by john corneal,26, 1792, went to America all three about 10 years ago, George ruckle, Mary his wife, peter his son aged about 3 years

Thomas McDonald let to Christopher sparling, 25 Mar 1827, 

George sparling, 26, 1/5/1792, George sparling Catherine his wife Christopher hiss son aged about 7 years

Christopher Sparling, 25/3/1818

Adam Switzerl, 24 25/3/1783, Barbara his wife, Christopher his son aged about
John delmage, 1/51780, his wife, 
William his eldest son

John Sperin, 1/5/1780, john spearing lessee, George his brother aged about 9 years, Thomas fletscher son of man fletcher of croom
Liberty to cut xxx of turf in Inagh bog
Penalty on burning in alienating on 
George Sperin, 8,0,7, tenants at will
William Drew, tenant at will
Nicholas Saxmouth, 1/5/1780, Nicholas saxmouth lessee, james saxmouth, Nicholas the first and second sons of john saxmouth, lessees brother
Edward Barry, 1/5/1783, Margaret his wife, 
Eyre their only son about 1 year

John Gibson, 25/3/1???, andrew smith, William butt, second son to Isaac butt (note to say William butt is dead but no date)
Adam greeenbrry 
Christopher switzer
John hark
Philip Reynard
John sparling, 1/5/1780, wife, Christopher eldest son
Philip sparling, Samuel sparling, sixth son of john sparling of killagreene
Note saying gone to America

Courtakineen, John Southwell, 1/5/1782, john his wife john his eldest son

Michael switzer, Michael, George rose, richard rose

Michael Alfred, 1/5/1789, ma lessees, Michael, king George IV
Christopher sparling, taking over from William Cunningham who had lease in 1782, 18??

George ruckle, 35,1,35, 25/3/1783, George ruckle, his brother aged about 10 years and Michael ruckle aged about 8 years

James yes key, 25/3/1792, wife Toby switzer, son to Christopher switzer of Adare
Shire, Jacob, Rebecca his daughter aged about 10 years


George ruckle, his brother 10, Michael his brother aged about 8 years

Adare 11
Stock returns town land by town land and tenat by tenant for the third earl of Dunraven's estate
About 15 pages
Like a ledger

John Christine
James teskey
Jacob Shire

John ruckle
Christopher modler


Carroll x2

Adam bovenizer

A kv smith 
richard Alfred
Acre, house cattle, sheep, pigs, what barley turnips mango green crops potatoes meadow pasture waste

A shalom switzer
Valentine switzer

John ruckle

Peter long
Peter long

Baybush and Derryvinane
Path early
John spurring
George spurring
George spurring replaces crossed out patrick McCoy 
Reps of w Davies
Reps of r sparling crossed out and G spearing instead
Michael and Thomas butler
Crossed out mr Jeremiah o Grady and we mau sell instead
Mr john smith

Check back for acreage
Added up in margin

Pat gleeson
Thomas Wesley
Widow griffin


Resp of 
Reps of John SPearing
George spearing crossed out and Walsh put in instead
Nicholas saxmouth
Robert smith
John toomey
Reps of a switzer

Skipped no 3 which is the folio game book and also no 6 which are outsize maps

Draft dcensus returns for 1851 and 1861@

Adare 12
1851, 1861
See calendar
Return of servants
Sun April 7 q1861
29 house servants
Tic and estab church
No Spearin's

Painful to hold the 1851 returns knowing that most went up in flames in 1922

Also returns of those who died since last census
Earl of Dunraven's aged 68
Butler died of paralysis
Pulmonary consumption

Adare 13
Lease book brief info on tenures
Note says this was made in ai believe a1857
Henry ruckle lessee, 2/9/1817, 3 lives, town land of Adare, switzer, teskey 
Shier, Quin, 5 lives, riverroe
Rebecca daughter

23/5/1792, john Corneille, lessee, wife, peter son aged 3

Adare 14
Bundle of reports on valuation of town lands on the estate
George Speearings 
This tenant manages his land in a fair way.

John is absent from this report. 

John stark

James Doherty STR
James Corneille

Look like original documents for Griffiths primary valuation
Map associated with john and George estate on Graigue in PowerPoint slide
Drawn on linen??

Bay bush
George Spearing's holdings 3 this tenant has drained and xxx some of his bottom land and altered some of the fendes, the land is as well formed as others tenants, he ask for timber and do slates for a ... Shias planted a as all orchard near the house road

Thomas spearing 
This farm is improved by the resent tenant,m is kept clean if weeds and is a... Zbedrooms in upper story and a dairy and upper storey
Also a piggery and a double barn door near the present stable.

Did not go thru last set of papers completely.