Friday, 28 December 2012

Welcome to the blog!

Welcome to the blog of the Spearin Surname Project. This blog gives real time updates on the research currently being undertaken by project members. It complements our regular Newsletter updates, our Facebook page, and the various Message Boards that can be found via the Forum section of the website.

The goals of the Project include the following:

  1. to establish the most common genetic signatures among people named Spearin/Spearing/Sperring (or any of it's other many variants)
  2. to establish which Spearin/Spearing variants are most closely related to each other (for example, are the Irish Spearin's related to the English Sperring's or the Dutch Spierink's?)
  3. to help people named Spearin/Spearing establish to which genetic family they belong
  4. to identify which members within a given genetic family are most closely related
  5. to generate theories based on the DNA data relating to the deeper ancestral origins of each genetic family, both within a genealogical timeframe (i.e. after 1000 A.D.) and before it (i.e. route of migration out of Africa and into Europe, up to 1000 A.D.)
If you have a comment or question, please share it with us. We look forward to hearing from you. 

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